ReadeRest Computer Readers “Blue Horizon”


Blue Blocker Computer Lenses

Spring Hinged


Blue light block computer glasses

    • Long Lasting – Only the best quality lenses and frames.
    • Spring Hinges – Designed for comfort.
    • Blue Blocking Lenses – Protect your eyes from the harsh blue light of our daily devices.
    • UV400 Protection + Anti-Reflective Lenses – Quality lenses matter.
    • Superior Design – Strong and lightweight.
    • Style – Modern, sleek, stylish and works with all clothing


Reading Glasses

Readerest® reading glasses are loaded with technology to provide the ultimate protection and comfort for your eyes. Whether you’re looking for readers to use daily or in specific occasions you can rely on Readerest glasses to give you premium protection and functionality. Blue light block computer glasses.


Protect Your Eyes from Screens

All our Reading Glasses block blue light!

Spring Loaded Hinges

Lightweight & will not bend over time!



Anti-Reflective + UV Protection

Reduce overexposure to UV light!

Scratch Resistant

Front & back coating protection!

Superior Design

Sleek, contemporary, with a nice twist!

According to studies people spend an average of six hours and forty-three minutes a day in from of digital screens without protecting their eyes from the harmful blue light being emitted. As a result, people experience eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. That’s why Readerest has launched a high quality and affordable line of blue light blocking reading glasses for men and women.

Readerest reading glasses are loaded with technology. They have spring loaded hinges, lightweight frames, and scratch resistant, UV protection, and blue light blocking lenses. Besides being highly functional and comfortable to wear, these computer reading glasses are stylish and will go great with your everyday outfits.


Shark Tank SUCCESS Story.


ReadeRest entrepreneur Rick Hopper knew what he was doing when he literally fell into the Shark Tank in episode 302. The lifelong inventor wanted to demonstrate that his magnetic eyeglass holder would work, and it did. The ReadeRest uses high-powered magnets to secure a simple eyeglass clip to just about any article of clothing, providing a secure, convenient place to hang eyeglasses without worrying about dropping or losing them. Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, Hopper was making his patented eyeglass holders by hand. Rick knew he had a winning product, but he didn’t have the resources to make it the mass market item he believed it could be.

ReadeRest Pitches the Sharks

Rick was seeking $150K for a 15% share in the business. Prior to appearing in the Shark Tank, Rick had sold around $65K worth of product and had made over 100,000 of the eyeglass holders by hand. He needed help with manufacturing and distributing. Robert thought there was too much work involved, Kevin didn’t like the valuation, and Daymond didn’t think it had mass appeal; they went out. Lori Greiner, who claims to instantly know the difference between “a hero and a zero,” offered $150 for 65%. She told Rick she would make him a millionaire. Mark Cuban went out after hearing Lori’s offer and Rick took her deal


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