Readerest Magnet Eyeglass Holder



Readerest Magnet eyeglass holders



After turning 40, founder Rick Hopper began wearing glasses and habitually dropping and losing them. This sparked the idea in 2010 to create a solution to this every day problem for millions of people who wear glasses. In 2012, Readerest landed a deal with Lori Greiner on ABC’s Shark Tank, Season 3, Episode 6, forever changing the company’s future. Today, Readerest has become a multi-functional product used for not only holding glasses, but ID badges and earbud wires as well.



Readerest is a patented product made with “high-grade” magnets, stainless steel, and a cutting edge design, making it both strong and light-weight. Most importantly, it’s made in America. Readerest believes in creating jobs in the United States and helping support the local economy.



If you have ever crossed paths with Rick, you may know how much fun he has and how much he loves to share it with everyone around him. He is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, inventor, motivator, husband, father, and friend.

ReadeRest Readers

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