Front Magnetic Connection

3 designs of CliC / SLASTIK Foldable readers Top: Denga Right: Taku Bottom: Jabba

The CliC / SLASTIK foldable readers are one of the newest designs in the eyewear market. CliC Readers started as CliC Goggles in 1999. Our patent for the CliC front connection was issued in 2000 and 22 years later are still going strong with new products to the line for all sizes.

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CliC Readers have a unique and patented neodymium front connection system. Connected to an adjustable form-fitting headband rather than to a cumbersome chain tangle. The mix of comfort, reliability and security. Added to a captivating design, lends itself to a new concept in eyewear.

CliC Readers are easy to wear, have flexibility for the user and come in a variety of styles and colors. To put on CliC Readers, simply place the band around the head, and the magnetic connection will guide the lenses closed. To remove, the wearer simply separates the eye pieces and allows the CliC Readers to hang around the neck finally, reading glasses that are hard to misplace!

Adjustable on the side for fit and comfort.


Our unique patented neodymium magnetic system allows the glasses to come together at the bridge. The head band is form-fitting and wraps around your head to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Putting them on is simple. Just place the band around your head and let the magnets draw together at the bridge.

Want to take them off? No problem. Just pull the magnets apart and the glasses will hang comfortably around your neck.

Front Magnetic Connection

4800 Gauss strength magnet with antioxidant, anti-sweat and anti-salt water coating provides a strong front connection.

Adjustable Temples

All of our eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples with a simple pull to provide a perfect fit.


Patented neodymium magnetic technology for a strong front connection, TR90 frame material and acrylic lenses provide long lasting use for our glasses.


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